"Fly" Fridays- Featuring DJ O.minaya....

by Keith Li in

This week on "Fly" Fridays, I'm featuring one of the sickest Djs out. Da Unions "Dj Ominaya" is coming up real fast, you might catch him spinning at the hottest clubs in the city or the most exclusive events. Go Dj yeah that's my Dj, Ominaya also spins at all the Fly Geenius events. Get familiar, peep his interview below.

FG: What does O.Minaya  mean?

DJ O.minaya: It's my name, Orlando Minaya.

FG:Where are you from

DJ O.Minaya: Bronx, New York.

FG: How long have you been Djing?

DJ O.Minaya: Fifthteen plus years.

FG: Have you Djayed at any radio stations?

DJ O.Minaya: Yes. I'm actually on Rhythm 105.9fm in California every Fri and I own www.sikmixxradio.com internet radio and I'm also on Thisis50.com

FG: How do you go about breaking records for recording artist?

DJ O.Minaya:  First the record has to be hot Second I play it on Radio/Club scene to warm people up to it and then Mixtape. The rest is history.

FG:How many clubs do you spin at a week?

DJ O.minaya: I'm usually booked 3-5 events a week.

FG: Do you prefer to DJ at a club or a event?

DJ O.minaya: I love to Dj clubs cause I get a rush from making a crowd go crazy off my music selection.

FG: Do you ever turn down events and why?

DJ O.minaya: Yes I have turned down events because not every event is good. When branding yourself you have to make sure you are putting yourself in the best positions for the next step in your career

FG:Who is one of your favorite Dj's?

DJ O.minaya: One of my Favorite Djs is Dj Self, I watched him go from street mixtapes to where he is now and he's still humble as he was in the beginning.

FG:What else are you into besides Djing?

DJ O.minaya:  I also produce music.

FG: Your part of the DA Union, what does that stand for and who's down with the movement?

DJ O.minaya: Da Union consists of 13 hot Djs and a hOst. We are a Dj movement/brandWe Dj all over the world and have big influence on NYC clubs.

FG: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

DJ O.minaya:  God willing next few years I will be on NY radio and have already produced some hit records for some artists.

FG: Last words?

DJ O.minaya: Shout to Fly Geenius fresh threads and Da Union djs. Check my site out www.sikmixxradio.com Live Djs all week long.