"Fly Fridays" Featuring-Tuff Citi

by Keith Li in

This "Fly Friday" I'm featuring Tuff Citi, an up and coming rapper from the Bronx with the swagg and lyrics to take it to the top. Using hot tracks and catchy hooks, Tuff citi will make his stamp in the rap game very soon...he's hungry and will continue to grind. He's a part of the Fly Geenius movement and will go to the top with us... FG:How are you affiliated with FG?

Tuff Citi: The CEO of Fly Geenius is my brother.

FG:How long have you been rapping?

Tuff Citi: I've been rapping for almost ten years, been going hard wit it for five years...

FG:How many Mixtapes have you put out?

Tuff Citi: I put out 2 mixtapes so far.

FG:What do you think of the current state of hip hop?

Tuff Citi:The current state of hip hop is changing everyday.

FG:Who's Your favorite rapper?

Tuff Citi: Tupac shakur.

FG: How does Music and Fashion pertain to you?

Tuff Citi: Making music is swagg, cockiness....its that feeling of having everything new on...

FG:What made you do a fly geenius anthem?

Tuff Citi: My brother inspired me to do a fg anthem...he asked me to spit a sixteen on intelligent fashion...I figured ima jus make it a song...fly, fly, fly...

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAvFilnmZYU?hl=en&fs=1&w=425&h=349]

FG:Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in hip hop?

Tuff Citi: I see myself on tour with my brother right next to me..

FG: Last words?

Tuff Citi: Staying fly is geenius...I got a real good feeling my brother is gonna get me right in the door.. So I just been coming up with so many new ideas waiting for that right opportunity. My time is coming, I feel it in my soul. I just hope I'm prepared.   Tuff Citi..