"FG EPIC Post" Hard Times Equals Success..

by Keith Li in

      I want to thank EVERYONE that came out to support my first in store event at the Vault in Harlem for the Fly Geenius Summer Launch. It was a very hectic day for me & I would love to share how I took my time & effort into the Fly Geenius movement. June 15th, I went to an  Artful Dodger event & Akoo event which was an amazing experience for networking. Being the CEO of Fly Geenius, I call to check on my production for my event, I get bad news saying one of the workers in the warehouse was severely hurt.  At 2am I had to rush to New Jersey to work on my own production. I made progress & I looked  up at the time & it's 12pm on June 16th & the calls start coming in! I panic but I stay calm.. I call Jay, my VP of operations to help. The clock is ticking for my event that starts at 7Pm, I have liquor sponsors & performers waiting for me & not to mention, the store manager Yosiri calling me off the hook. I had to run back to New York in $1oo cab to sort things out.      I finally get back to the FG WareHouse & realized there is a lot of work to be done! Me being a CEO & Jay being VP of Operations, we took matters into our own hands. We grabbed what we know would sell, printed them & tagged them & left the warehouse! We get in the car & ran into major rush-hour traffic. We make it to the Vault at 8pm with tons of  FG merchandise in our hand & we walk into 150 people already supporting the whole Fly Geenius movement. 

     Jean Hall merchandised the store with the FG merchandise which she had on hand. We had to make sure we put ALL of the FG product into the system before we start selling.  The event overall ended up being GREAT! Patrick Toussaint killed his performance and FG tee's were "fly"ing off the tables. I got great feedback on the event. Peep the pictures & video/Movie footage by Daniel Ortiz.

http://youtu.be/HyxGgNnftxg Please Stop by the Vault in Harlem, 2498 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York and Check out the Fly Geenius Product and say Hi to Yosiri.