"Fly" Fridays is bizack feat. Johnny Drama the "Fashion Psycho".

by Keith Li in

This "Fly" Fridays I chose to feature one of the FG models because I've NEVER EVER met no one (male or female) into fashion as heavy as him...he's crazy when it comes to this fashion world.

FG: Where are you from?

DRAMA: Born and raised in NYC!! I come as real as they come in this city and I'm very proud of it! You're not from NYC if you're not born here!

FG: So Johnny where do you get it from? Why are you so into fashion like you are?

DRAMA: My love and passion for "fassion" first and foremost comes from my parents. Since I was a little kid, I can remember my parents always taking us shopping, making sure that we looked presentable and well kept...especially on Sundays, that was a must for mom! Fashion as we all know is a unique channel in which people choose to express themselves, but more importantly, I think it's one of the greatest forms of non verbal language! The way people dress on a daily basis, from that suit and tie that you see on a guy in midtown, to a look off the last Dior Homme runway show or someone cool in SoHo allows you to get an idea about this person and what they may do professionally. One thing I must say though is that a suit and tie is not a suit and tie until you see someone confident like Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend) or Tom Ford (who knows how to make a man look like a gentleman)! Lastly, I love how fashion can really change the mood you're feeling. On a certain day I may feel like going for a casual luxury approach by wearing a Simon Spurr white tee, tapered Prada blue jeans, and some YSL patent leather high-tops, but I can easily change this look by simply adding a Burberry blazer with suede elbow patches and a great pair of Dior Homme dress shoes for a cool nighttime/party look.

FG: What are some of your fashion inspirations?

DRAMA: I don't have any fashion inspirations in particular, but I definitely believe that NYC, lifestyle, and different people influence everyone's personal style. I will say that I've been able to develop my own personal style through my family, friends and sometimes designers. I love reading different magazines and looking at editorials for inspiration on my style, but I also get inspiration from my clients at Burberry!

FG: Any entertainers inspire you?

DRAMA: This is a really good question because you know where I'm gonna go with this. I will start by saying that Justin Timberlake and Milan Vukmirovic (creative director of Trussardi 1911) definitely have a personal style that I admire greatly! But you already know that Kanye West is my idol! I love that man and everything he does from his music to his clothes and styling and everything in between. He knows what fashion is all about and appreciates it like no other! I love that and I relate to it on a great level because fashion is truly what I live for!

FG: Who are your 3 favorite designers and why?

Drama: It's hard for me to say who my 3 favorite designers are because from season to season I think certain designers offer something better than other designers. There's been times where I haven't been into a designer for 4 seasons and then the next they're my favorite. Also, the same designers for men and women are different because some designers do a better collection for their men's line than their women's and vice versa. What I will say though is that Alexander McQueen has to be at the top! Every season I watch his shows I'm left with the same WOW factor! The genius he was and the legacy that he left behind was one like no other! His work was outstanding and his shows were theatrical as if they were made for Broadway. Since he took his life, Sarah Burton, his successor has proven to stay true to the brand legacy and luxurious avant-garde design and his mastery of Saville Row tailoring, which McQueen is known for. Burberry Prorsum is also one my favorites. Christopher Bailey who is at the helm of the monstrosity of the label has proven that no one can do outerwear like Burberry! Season after season he offers the widest range of outerwear that is cool, raw, edgy but most importantly, luxurious! Aside from McQueen and Burberry Prorsum, the designer collection must sees for me are YSL, Dior, Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin, Simon Spurr, and Alexander Wang.

FG: Do you plan on being a designer one day?

DRAMA: I don't have any plans on designing my own high end line but I would love to do something like a dress/custom shirt line or a t-shirt line. I would also be interested in being a fashion consultant for a major brand or maybe even FG!  I'm really excited for FG and I can definitely see the hard work, time and commitment that you're putting into it...I'm sure it will turn out to be successful! I'd love to collaborate with you on a line someday...I have some great ideas that I know every1 will love!!

FG: You're also one of the FG models, how was your experience at our photo shoot?

DRAMA: The photo shoot was great! We def needed some more hype because everyone was sleepy...I think it was because it was so early in the morning. Otherwise it was really good and I  love how the photos turned out.

FG: OK, Drama I'm gonna wrap this up by asking you what's going on in the fashion industry right now? What's the latest news and hottest trends out for people who may not know? Get "Fashion Psycho" on them. [Laughs]

DRAMA: Right now in fashion there's surprisingly a lot going on! Dior fired their head designer of over 15 years John Galliano...his mastery for the Dior woman was like no other! I've told everyone that Dior is Galliano and Galliano is Dior! It'll be interesting to see who replaces him and how they can live up to what Dior has become today! Next is Balmain. They showed their new collection last week during Paris Fashion week AW11 and their head designer, Christophe Decarnin, has gone missing. No one knows what's going on and what's happened to the man that has made Balmain famous for their sexy and amazing overly priced ready to wear! Lastly, on tuesday Alexander McQueen showed their new collection and Sarah Burton who I've mentioned before has proven that she "is the McQueen DNA"!! She understood that man's imagination and has proven through her second collection that no one could take over the brand like she has! One last thing I'd like everyone to know is that fashion is my life and that even though it may seem boring to many, it is what many live through as well! Goodnight! Ladies, Good morning!