"Geenius Mondays" The beautiful Law.

by Keith Li in

This week on "Geenius Mondays" I'm featuring my beautiful friend Corinne,who is a Howard law student and a great dancer, She works very hard but she took time out her busy schedule to stop by the FG blog. And yeah "I got a pretty lawyer that will eat the case" FG:So Corinne Black or Yellow?


FG:"Fly" or "Geenius"

Corinne:I wish I could say "Fly" but I have to go with "Geenius", I was always a secret nerd but now I think law school outed me.

FG:Where exactly are u from?

Corinne:So I was born in NY and raised in LA but my parents are both New Yorkers. So I'm a cali girl with a NY soul.

FG:With that said, Yankee fitted or LA fitted?

Corinne:Yankee but with a Lakers T-shirt(when I'm not wearing Fly Geenius)

FG:What under grad school did you attend and how was the experience?

Corinne:I went to Spelman College. Amazing is the only word I can use to describe my school and my experience.

FG:Were you in a Sorority?

Corinne:No I wasn't. I was in the band lol. Band camp and all.

FG:I know law school is very serious, how has your Howard law experience been?

Corinne:Rough, but I am satisfied. I've gotten everything out of my Howard experience that I wanted from law school

FG:What made you wanna study law?

Corinne:Well that's a really long answer. In a nutshell, creative freedom under the law

FG:This is kind of a stupid question(Laughs),but are you nervous to take the Bar exam?

Corinne:NEXT!!! I can't even speak on that

FG:Besides studying law,You also dance can you tell me about that?

Corinne:I started ballet and tap at 6 and continued dancing seriously through college. I've studied every major technique but ballet was my first love. Dance is my passion but unfortunately I don't get to class nearly as often as I would like. Hopefully after graduation I can go at least twice per week.

FG:Do you plan on doing choreography?

Corinne:I would love to choreograph. I am still trying to work that into my life plan.

FG:What are your plans after you finish law school?

Corinne:Moving to Chicago to work at a firm, represent FG and major recording artists. Basically become the most sought after attorney.

FG:Do you have any words of encouragement for Law School students who wanna give up?

Corinne:Yea. You're already in debt so just keep going lol. But seriously, you are so close to being finished even if it is only your first year. Just focus on the words on the page and when you look up you will realize you're done

FG:Last but not least, so when FG becomes worldwide and your making bank as a Lawyer can we be a power couple?(Laughs)

Corinne:Hahahaha of course...if I'm still available. So the takeover better be sooner than later.

FG:Last words?

Corinne:I'm very proud of you. I remember from the first night we met you said you were going to have your own line and you're doing it. I think it's great!!!. It is the embodiment of creative freedom and focused drive. I love it.