"Fly Fridays" Featuring the "FLY"est Stylist EVER!

by Keith Li in

This "Fly Fridays" I'm featuring my homie Kwasi Kessie, hands down the "FLY"est stylist in the game. He supports Fly Geenius 100 percent. This guy is swagged out and in a fashion league of his own.



Kwasi in his FG sweatshirt. *Peep the Jay West painting in the background*

FG: Kwasi, what boro in New York you grew up in?

KK: Black Apple, Harlem World USA!

FG: How long have you been styling?

KK: I've been styling since 2004 and started out interning at Badboy (aka Intern college, once you leave there you go straight to the pros) for Diddy's stylist Mike B, while attending college full-time at City College and working part-time at Footlocker and Bloomingdales. All at ONCE. This grustle (grind+hustle) ain't nothing new to me. Thats why they should've never let me in the fashion game!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            FG: Who are some of your biggest clients you work with?

KK: Biggest clients, they all great to me! But Diddy, Usher, Terrence J, Mickey Factz the list can go on forever. All of the "FLYest" celebrities you can think of I've worked with.

FG: You style Terrence J for 106 and Park, how do you go about picking out the perfect outfit for each show?

KK: The perfect outfit depends on a few factors. The day of the week, a fit that compliments what Rocsi is wearing and what guests are on the show. Then we pick out the illest most splediforous fit. Like when Terrence J wore the FG shirt for Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday takeover. That was the perfect outfit for that show.

FG: I'm curious to know, what does a typical day for you consist of?

KK: I wake up early in the morning at the crack of dawn to emails in regards to styling jobs: videos, ad campaign shoots, editorial shoots, etc. Then I get ready for the day. I either go to BET studios or to a shoot depending on the day of the week. Sometimes I may get home later than late but I love this and I wouldn't trade what I do for ANYTHING in the world!

FG: You had a cool sneaker/lifestyle publication called "Laced Magazine" (thanks for featuring me by the way), how is that going?

KK: Laced will be relaunched exclusively online to fill the void that our culture is yearning for in the sneaker and fashion magazine market. LacedMagazine.com coming soon!

FG: I know you have a company called GFCnewyork, can you explain what the company is about and what part you play in it?

KK: GFCnewyork is a boutique brand development & management company. Founded in 2005, we work on fostering branded identities and content that create cultural experiences and impacts. My focus is in the fashion arena. As the Fashion Ambassador I'm responsible for the creation and maintenance of the image of artists that are developed by GFCnewyork.

FG: You definitely stay "fly", what are some of your favorite brands to rock?

KK: Fly Geenius of course! Something about intelligent fashion that makes it a step above the rest. The other brands I favor are Public School, Y-3, and all labels by Ralph Lauren.

FG: You been in the game for a lil minute, you seen brands come and go, any advice for Fly Geenius Clothing?

KK: Stay true to the vision you have for Fly Geenius. And realize that even though it's your passion it's still a business. Oh and just keep GFCnewyork and Kwasi Kessie on your team and you'll be straight!!!

FG: What are your plans for 2011 and beyond?

KK: Up until now I've been laying the foundation for my debut. I have a few epic ventures in the works, one is in the film genre. Film has always been one of my goals when I came into the fashion game.  Let's just say I will be the Spike Lee of the fashion world. As for the other ventures I can show you better than I can tell you. All the work I have put in will culminate in 2011. This year and every year after it is mines.

www.KWASIKESSIE.com, GFCnewyork "We Do This For The Culture"

FG 4 Life...