Fly Geenius Clothing Introduction

by Keith Li in

Hey, I wanna welcome everybody to the Fly Geenius Blog! Fly Geenius is a clothing line that is launching this spring with T-shirts and later expanding to cardigans, jeans, sneakers etc. The blog is here to keep you up to date on the FG (Fly Geenius) movement and also keep you up to date on the "fly" and "geenius" stuff that's going on in the world. So with that said every Friday will be "Fly  Fridays" and every Monday "Geenius Mondays". On Fridays I will highlight the fly tastemakers, hot new trends, what's dope in fashion, and so on, and on Mondays I will highlight people who make "geenius" moves in business, entertainment and other industries. 2011 is here and Fly Geenius Clothing is ready to take off......Pewwwwwn! We're shooting for space shuttle level.